Deliver in accordance with cleanliness

We take care of it.
From Cleanroom to Cleanroom.

As a service provider to the high-tech industry, Meilink is a passionate specialist in shipping fragile and valuable equipment according to strict cleanliness requirements. We take care of the complete logistic chain. From specifically designed and ISTA-tested packaging to careful packing, suitable transport arrangements and on-site support for contamination-free unpacking. This end-to-end approach is called CR2CR: Cleanroom to Cleanroom. But also if the highest cleanliness requirements don't apply, we're there for you. With timely and intact delivery and flexible support.

Return for Reuse

For an increasing number of customers, we work with packagings that are specifically designed and produced once, but that are checked and deployed multiple times. This doesn't only prevent the waste of valuable materials, but it also saves time and money. After well-protected transport of your goods, your packaging and reusable packaging components are returned to our refurbishing center in Schijndel. There they are checked and made ready for the next transport. Return-4-Reuse: sustainable and time- and cost-saving.

How does that work?

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  • Broad knowledge & expertise
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Making sure it's going to be okay

What defines us at Meilink

Meilink is a specialist and a dedicated project partner who provides tailor made solutions for a special niche in the manufacturing industry. We combine technical know-how with creativity and knowledge of the world of our customers and their customers. It is not right until we have solved the entire puzzle, even if that requires more from our organization. This is how we grow together with our customers and our passionate team of specialists from more than 8 different countries at Meilink.

Why clients choose Meilink:

  • One stop shop, one point of contact
  • Ample expertise in tailor made solutions
  • Direct communication, high responsiveness
  • Ability to think along from the preliminary phase
  • High involvement
  • Guarantee of assurance


"What Meilink does requires so much specialism, we won't try that ourselves. All we know is that they solve it for us. Every time!"