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Meilink has a unique range of testing facilities that covers the entire journey from Cleanroom to Cleanroom, by measuring the impact of vibrations, shocks, corrosion, temperature change and climatic conditions. We know the functional requirements that products and packaging are required to meet, as well as the regulatory norms and obligations. This enables us to advise you on the required or most appropriate testing programs. Meilink is certified by Amazon to test and certify (packaged) products and officially included as a member in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). In addition, we are ISTA-certified, in accordance with the International Safe Transit Association.

High Precision Cleaning

Cleanroom Packaging

So, if your product as well as its casing are ultra-clean, how do you make sure that no contamination takes place during the packaging process? Meilink works with specialized personnel and special equipment to pack your product in the Meilink packaging under controlled conditions. This requires knowledge of both your product or components and the custom packaging. Again, the power of expertise across the total chain applies. At Meilink, this is automatically integrated in each step in the project.

Transport Packaging


Already at the design phase of your product and its packaging, we take into account the requirements and circumstances of the transport modality. We take care of the optimal arrangements in terms of time, technical capacity, cost and availability. Cleanroom to Cleanroom mostly means a combination of sea or air freight for long distances and subsequent road transport to the loading and unloading platform at the destination.




With the Return4Reuse program, we ensure that your valuable packaging can be used multiple times. Not only does this prevent the waste of valuable materials, but it also saves time and money. After well-protected transport of your goods, your packaging and reusable packaging components go back to our refurbishing center in Schijndel. There they are checked and made fully fit for the next transport. Return for Reuse: sustainable and time- and cost-saving!


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